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Buy a scope mount and deduct 20% off any set of scope rings purchased at the same time.

*S&W Performance Center Revolver Owners Read Warning Below*

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All of our Scope rings are considered MEDIUM height

Our scope rings are Weaver style and will fit any Weaver style mount
These Scope Rings are .500" long (1/2" wide)


CAUTION: We suggest the Magnum scope rings be used as follows.

Two rings for .22 LR to .44 Magnum (Medium Loads)

Three ring set for .44 Magnum (Heavy loads) 
.460 to .500 (Light loads)

Four Rings for full power .500 Magnum

2 Scope Ring Set

MRNG1S Magnum 1" Scope Rings (pair) - Silver $39.95
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MRNG1B Magnum 1" Scope Rings (pair) - Black $39.95
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MRNG30S 30mm Scope Rings - Silver Discontinued
MRNG30B 30mm Scope Rings - Black Discontinued
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3 Scope Ring Set

3MRNG1S Magnum 1" Scope Rings (set of 3) - Silver $59.95
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3MRNG1B Magnum 1" Scope Rings (set of 3) - Black $59.95
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3MRNG30S 30mm Scope Rings - Silver Discontinued
3MRNG30B 30mm Scope Rings - Black Discontinued
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* S&W Performance Center Revolvers with Integral Weaver Style Scope Mount machined into the barrel.
   Medium height scope rings (our scope rings) are not high enough for that application.
   You will need at least High Weaver Style Rings for that application.
   We do not currently manufacture High Rings.

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