Ruger Weaver style mounts Weigand

RUGER® Super Blackhawk Scope Mount
454 Casull .480 RUGER® 6 1/2 Barrel
No Drill and Tap in WEIG-A-TINNY®

RUGER Super Blackhawk 454 Casull 480 Ruger Weigand

RUGER® Super Blackhawk Scope Mount for 454 Casull and .480 RUGER®

PLEASE NOTE: This scope mount only fits the 6 1/2 454CASULL and .480 RUGER® Models

A no drill and tap scope mount for the RUGER® Super Blackhawk 454 Casull .480 Ruger® that you can depend on. Due to the tremendous recoil of this revolver we strongly recommend this mount be installed by a competent Gunsmith. The revolver front and rear sights need to be removed for installation. All screws will need to be tightened to a specific torque with a torque wrench, thread locked and checked for fitment. The scope and rings will also need to be properly installed. All of these elements are addressed in the included instructions. All screws necessary for installation are included. Please take the time to watch the installation video.

This scope mount comes with our Patent Applied steel recoil lug pre attached to the Aluminum scope body. The steel absorbs the recoil of the bigger calibers much better than Aluminum. For weight savings only the recoil lug is steel. The nosepiece and body are made from 6061-T6 Aluminum. The entire assembly only weighs 6.1 ounces. The nosepiece is secured with 6, 6-40 Allen head screws for the ultimate in security.

What WEIG-A-TINNY tm is

PLEASE NOTE: The nosepiece WILL scratch your barrel to some degree. It is a friction fit and will leave marks similar to light steel wool where it attached to the barrel. We have made this a tight fit to keep scratching to a minimum.

WARNING: Do not use steel scope rings with this scope mount and caliber combination. Keeping the combination lightweight is the key to keeping the scope mount rock solid. All of our testing was done with the scope and ring combination you see in the above photo. The combined weight of the scope and rings (no scope mount) is 12 ounces. We do not suggest mounting any sighting device heavier than 12 ounces.


Super Blackhawk 454 Casull .480 RUGER 6 1/2 - Black


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Scope Mount Only
SBH454-6 Super Blackhawk 454 Casull .480 RUGER 6 1/2 - Black DISCONTINUED  
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Small Screw
Thread Lock
1 ml Tube

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Allen Wrench Set
1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8
Covers all Weigand Scope Mounts and Rings
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