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A Weaver Base, AKA Weaver Style Base,  is a cool way to mount an optic sight. The Weaver Base is an age old solution to mounting a scope. Weaver base originated in the early days of rifle shooting as a method of attaching a scope to a rifle. The Weaver Base  is a lightweight scope mount with a quick detach method on top and a contoured form cut on the bottom of the Weaver Base to fit the shape of the top of the firearm. The Weaver style base has turned into a standard in the scope mount industry. A Weaver Style Base is the most economical and efficient way to attach a scope to a firearm. Weigand has taken the Weaver style base to a new level of sturdiness adding esthetically appealing appearance to your firearm. Weaver style base is the chosen method of attaching a scope. A Weaver base can be made from Aluminum or steel materials. Weaver base is generally held on with from one to six screws. Weaver base installation is generally easy. We supply a wide virety of Weaver base style scope mounts. Please select any Weaver Base hyperlink or button on this page to connect to our Weaver Base selection.

Weaver Base

Complete Weaver Base and Integra style scope mount catalog. Rifle pistol revolver handgun. For use with all Scopes and Red Dot Sights. Some of the major scope brands include Leupold, Tasco, BSA, Gilmore, Adco, Doctor, Firepoint, Burris, Weaver, Bushnell Holosight, Aimpoint.

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