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Colt 1911 1911-A1 and clones drill fixture

1911 Scope Mounting Drill Fixture

For our SM3 and GPSM scope mounts

This is the fixture we have been selling and using in our shop for the last 15+ years. Accurately locates the hole locations on the standard 1911 frame for our hole pattern. We suggest using a drill press to drill the holes but we have had customers tell us they simply used a hand drill. The drill fixture is made from half hard 4140 tool steel and should give years of service. The slightly larger hole under the standard hole pattern is a tap guide hole so you can tap perfectly straight holes. This fixture can be used for mounting all of our 1911 mounts, SM3, GPSM and APCMNT.







DF-1911.....(Purchased with any 1911 mount).......DISCONTINUED
(Simply place the order for both parts and we will take care of the discount while processing your order)


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