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Gun Scope from Ultra Dot

Gun scope from Ultra Dot sold by Weigand. Choosing a gun scope can be a tedious process. The following gun scope selection chart had been derived from years of gun scope experience. Please read the following and email any questions to



1" tube red dot sight
UD1B, UD1S Ultra Dot Scopes

Generally used by Bullseye shooters for shooting stationary targets at fixed distances.


30mm tube red dot sight
UD30B, UD30S Ultra Dot Scopes

A very good all purpose red dot sight. Used for hunting, plinking and competition shooting. The 30mm sight has approximately 28% larger viewing area than the 1" scope. Great for hunting applications under 100 yards.


1" and 30mm 4 dot dot sight
UD4D1S, UD4D1B, UD4D30S, UD4D30B

This gun scope is intended mostly for competition shooting where distances vary and sight quick acquisition is key. The larger dots are used for close up shooting and the smaller dots are used for farther targets. Can also be used for all other applications.