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Weaver scope mount and bases are used in all types of scope mounting applications. Sometimes referred to
as Weaver rails or bases they are actually a Weaver scope mount. Such bases or rails can be used to
mount red dot scopes or sights to all types of firearms, handguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers, shotguns. Paint ball
guns, or markers are also good Weaver scope mount applications. Weaver mounts are solid mounting devices for attaching
scopes or sights to most all applications.


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Weaver Scope Mount by Weigand is a highly developed scope mount system that has been evolving since the early 1980s'. Weaver Weigand scope mount was developed for competition shooting and that carried over to hunting and plinking applications. Our Weaver style scope mount is designed first to hold your scope with no movement during recoil. This allows you to maintain zero from shot to shot when it counts. We also go to
great pains to design good looks into our scope mount. We believe the scope mount should add to your firearms good looks not detract from.
Our scope mount is made from materials made in the USA and it is manufactured in our facility here in the USA also. We go as far as to
supply your scope mount with screws also made in the USA. This combination makes Weigand scope mounts the best in the world in
quality and ascetics. When you choose a scope mount always choose Weigand.